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How to Trim MP4 Files Without Re-Encoding


You have MP4 files with unwanted portions. You want to trim these portions.


  1. Download XMedia Recode.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Open a MP4 file.
  4. Under the Format tab set
    Profile = Custom
    Format = MP4
    File Extension = mp4
  5. Click the Video tab and set Mode = Copy on the middle panel.
  6. Click the Audio tab and set Mode = Copy on the middle panel.
  7. Click the Filters/Preview tab and set Start Time and to (End Time).
  8. Click Add to queue button (with the + icon) on the tool bar.
  9. Click Encode on the tool bar.

If you want to split a MP4 file to multiple files by time then just repeat the procedure except that in the 7th step, you specify appropriate time range for each file, for example from 00:00:00:0000 to 00:09:00:0000 for the first file, then from 00:09:00:0000 to 00:18:00:0000 for the second file, then from 00:18:00:0000 to 00:27:00:0000 for the third file, etc.