How to Trim MP4 Files Without Re-Encoding


You have MP4 files with unwanted portions. You want to trim these portions.


  1. Download XMedia Recode.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Open a MP4 file.
  4. Under the Format tab set
    Profile = Custom
    Format = MP4
    File Extension = mp4
  5. Click the Video tab and set Mode = Copy on the middle panel.
  6. Click the Audio tab and set Mode = Copy on the middle panel.
  7. Click the Filters/Preview tab and set Start Time and to (End Time).
  8. Click Add to queue button (with the + icon) on the tool bar.
  9. Click Encode on the tool bar.

If you want to split a MP4 file to multiple files by time then just repeat the procedure except that in the 7th step, you specify appropriate time range for each file, for example from 00:00:00:0000 to 00:09:00:0000 for the first file, then from 00:09:00:0000 to 00:18:00:0000 for the second file, then from 00:18:00:0000 to 00:27:00:0000 for the third file, etc.

How to Put Your Books into Kindle or Apple Books


You have a book with .epub or .mobi format in your MacBook or PC.
You want to put it into your iPhone or iPAD so that you can read it on the go.

Solution 1:

1. Put the books into iCloud Drive.
2. Install Kindle or Apple Books on your iPhone or iPAD.
3. Login your Kindle account.
4. Open the Files app to go to iCloud Drive.
5. Open the book.
6. Tap the Share icon in the lower left hand corner.
7. Select Kindle or Open in iBooks.

Solution 2:

1. Install Kindle or Apple Books on your iPhone or iPAD.
2. Log in your Amazon account.
3. Point mouse to Account & Lists, then click Content and Devices link.
4. Click Preferences tab, then click on Personal Document Settings  header.
5. Copy or create your Kindle email in Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings section.
6. Add your personal email to Approved Personal Document E-mail List.
7. Attach your book to an email, then send the email from your personal email (in the 6th step) to your Kindle email (in the 5th step).
8. Log in your personal email’s Inbox and click on Verify Request link.