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How to Fix EPUB Processing Failure on Google Play Books


You uploaded EPUB file to Google Play Books but received Processing Failed error message.

  1. Open https://www.zamzar.com.
  2. Click Choose Files and select EPUB file.
  3. Click Convert To and select azw3.
  4. Click Convert Now button.
  5. Download the azw3 file.
  6. Return to https://www.zamzar.com.
  7. Click Choose Files and select azw3 file.
  8. Click Convert To and select EPUB.
  9. Click Convert Now button.
  10. Download the EPUB file.
  11. Upload the EPUB file to Google Play Books.

Note: https://www.zamzar.com offers only 2 free daily conversions.



How to Put Your eBooks into Kindle or Apple Books or Google Play Books


You have an ebook with .epub or .mobi format in your MacBook or PC.
You want to put it into your iPhone or iPAD so that you can read it on the go.

Solution 1:

1. Upload your ebook to iCloud Drive.
2. Install Kindle or Apple Books or Google Play Books on your iPhone or iPAD.
3. Login your Kindle or Apple or Google account.
4. Open the Files app to go to iCloud Drive.
5. Open the ebook.
6. Tap the Share icon in the lower left hand corner.
7. Select Kindle or Open in iBooks or Play Books.

Solution for Google Play Books:

1. Install Google Play Books on your iPhone or iPAD..
2. Log in Google Play Book website using your Google account.
3. Upload your ebook in EPUB format to Google Play Book website.
4. Open Google Play Books on your iPhone or iPAD.

How to Change Language of an EPUB File


You have an EPUB file encoded with a wrong language tag.
Therefore when you use the Read aloud feature of the Google Play Books application the book is read aloud in a wrong language.

  1. Download the EPUB file to a PC.
  2. Change the extension from EPUB to ZIP.
  3. Open the .ZIP file.
  4. Open the content.opf file using the Notepad app.
  5. If you cannot file this content.opf file then please navigate to the OEBPS folder.
  6. Find the tag <dc:language> and change its value (e.g. from <dc:language>en</dc:language>to <dc:language>vi</dc:language>).
  7. If you cannot find the tag <dc:language> then just add a new tag right above the </metadata> tag (e.g.
  8. Save the content.opf file and rezip the EPUB file.
  9. Change the file extension from ZIP to EPUB.