Topic 3 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

Why do I need to learn algorithms and data structures?

Your software must solve real-world problems. Knowing a  programming language does help you to write software but it does not help you to reuse the existing solutions to save your time and effort when creating a software system.
Many real world problems were already solved and the solutions were documented as algorithms and data structures.

You need to learn them so that you will not reinvent the wheel and can apply them to solve your specific problems to reduce your time and effort.

What can I do after finishing learning algorithms and data structures?

You will be able to write a program to tell a computer
- to store and search for something.
- to sort something for you.
- to encrypt or decrypt sensitive information for you.
Given some programs, you will be able to tell which one will run faster when looking at their code.

That sounds useful! How can I learn algorithms and data structures?

Please get this "Thomas H. Cormen et al. (2009). Introduction to Algorithms" book and read it. If you do not have much time then you do not need to read the whole book. Please just select some interesting problems and read them.
After finishing the book please click Topic 4 - Object-Oriented Programming to continue.
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