How to Install Windows on your MacBook using Boot Camp


You have a MacBook and you want to use an application that only works on Windows.


1. Prerequisite:
  • Ensure that your macOS is up-to-date and does not have any issue.
  • If you want to reinstall macOS then you can hold down Command+R after powering your machine on.
2. Installing Windows on your MacBook using Boot Camp

On macOS:

  • Finder > Shift+Command+u > Boot Camp Assistant
  • Select 350Gb (or another appropriate size) for Windows. Use Windows 10 version 1709, November 2017 or an earlier version.
  • Install Windows 10.
    DO NOT USE Disk Management to create new partitions during Windows installation. Only use Disk Management to format an existing partition when installing Windows.
    During the next boot into OS X, the OSXRESERVED partition is removed and put back into the Core Storage container of the OS X partition.

On Windows:

  • Install Boot Camp drivers.
  • Boot Camp Control Panel… > TrackPad > Tap to Click.
  • Change Computer Name, disable System Protection, enable Remote Desktop, activate Windows.
  • Turn on Automatic Logon
    Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) >> netplwiz
  • Disable Hibernate
    Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) >> powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  • Power management > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings
    >> Hard disk > Turn of hard disk after > Never
    >> Sleep > Sleep after > Never
    >> Display > Enable adaptive brightness > Off
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps, check and install Windows updates
  • Use Disk Management to shrink the BOOTCAMP partition and create a new DATA partition. Use 150Gb (153600MB) as the amount of space to shrink.
  • Copy portable apps
Developer’s tools:
  • Turn the following Windows features on: ASP.NET 3.5, 4.7, Internet Information Service, Telnet Client
  • Install Hyper-V, create an external Virtual Switch for Internet access
  • Install Total Commander, Remote Desktop Connection Manager
  • Install Firefox
  • Install MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS Office 2007 SP3 (Display >> Scale and layout: 175%), MS Project 2016, MS Visio 2016, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2015, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v15.8, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, TortoiseSVN 1.11.1
  • Install Python 3.6.8,¬†TensorFlow,¬†Keras
3. Removing Windows from your MacBook using Boot Camp

On Windows:

  • Delete all Windows Data partitions, then Extend the Boot Camp volume (C:\) using Windows Disk Management.

On macOS:

  • Finder > Shift+Command+u > Boot Camp Assistant > Continue > Restore
  • If you get any problem with Boot Camp Assistant then delete Windows Boot Camp partition using Disk Utility: Finder > Shift+Command+u > Disk Utility > Partition.
  • If you get a “Ghost” partition after deleting Windows Boot Camp partition using Disk Utility then please use the following procedure to remove it:

Execute below command:

diskutil list

Find EFI IDENTIFIER (e.g. disk0s1).

Execute 2 below commands:

sudo mkdir /Volumes/efi
sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/efi

Navigate to /Volumes/efi/EFI. Delete all directories (i.e. Microsoft and Boot) except the APPLE directory.

Execute below command:

diskutil unmount /Volumes/efi
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