In, At, On + Time or Date


Use ‘in’ with months, years and periods of time such as decades or centuries:

  • in January
  • in 1978
  • in the twenties

When does the school year begin in your country? – In mine it begins IN September.

Use ‘in’ a period of time in the future to express that an action will occur after that amount of time:

  • in a few weeks
  • in a couple of days


Use ‘at’ with an exact time:

  • at six o’clock
  • at 10.30
  • at two p.m.

When do you eat lunch? – I usually eat it AT noon.


Use ‘on’ with days of the week:

  • on Monday
  • on Fridays

Use ‘on’ with specific calendar days:

  • on Christmas day
  • on October 22nd

When is your birthday? – Mine is ON October 12.

Important notes

in the morning / afternoon / evening – at night

We say in the morning, afternoon or evening BUT we say ‘at night’.

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