Topic 5 – Introduction to Windows Programming

Why do I need to learn about Windows programming?

Because Windows is the most popular OS and most companies use it for their daily work. So your software must run on Windows in order to help its users do their work.

What can I do after finishing learning Windows programming?

You will know how to create Windows applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Notepad, Paint, Calculator, Photoshop, Windows Media Player, Skype, Firefox, etc.

It sounds interesting! What should I do now?

Windows  programming is a very big topic. You have 3 choices. You can choose all of them or some of them. If you have time we recommend that you learn all of them by the order. If you do not have much time then you can choose only the second option.
Your first option is Windows API. Please get this "Charles Petzold (1998). Programming Windows®" book and this "Jeffrey Richter (1999). Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows" book and read them.
Your second option is Windows Forms. Please get this "Chris Sells (2003). Windows Forms Programming in C#" book or this "Charles Petzold (2005). Programming Microsoft® Windows® Forms" book and read it.
Your third option is Windows Presentation Foundation. Please get this "Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths (2007). Programming WPF" book and read it.

Can I learn Java stuff instead of Microsoft stuff for Windows programming?

Yes, you can. However please remember that Microsoft is the one who created and has been developing Windows. Therefore we believe that the good approach for learning programming for Windows is to learn Microsoft technologies.
After finishing the books please click Topic 6 - Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems to continue.
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