How to add multiple IPs to an Amazon EC2 virtual machine


You have a Server 2008 R2 machine on Amazon EC2.

You want to secure multiple domains using different  SSL/TLS certificates.

Server 2008 R2 does not support Server Name Indication (SNI). Therefore you need to add multiple IPs to the machine to use different SSL/TLS certificates.

  1. Create an EC2 virtual machine.
  2. Create an EC2 network interface.
  3. Assign the network interface to the machine using the Attach feature in the Network Interfaces tab.
  4. Create multiple private IPs for the network interface using Manage IP Addresses feature.
  5. Allocate multiple elastic IPs in the Elastic IPs tab.
  6. Assign an elastic IP to a private IP of the network interface using the Associate Address feature in the Elastic IPs tab.
  7. Login Windows.
  8. View the network configuration using below command.
ipconfig /all

9. Manually configure the network adapter (Local Area Connection Network) using the information in the 8th step.

10. Add the private IPs in the 4th step to the machine in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings screen.

11. Restart the machine.

If you get any issue then try limit the number of private IPs of a network interface to 4 (including the default private IP)

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