Topic 1 – Operating Systems

Why do I need to know how to USE an operating system?

Because you will develop your software using an operating system or for an operating system.

How many operating systems should I know?

As many as possible. We recommend that you learn how to work with Windows first.

How do I learn about operating systems under a user’s view?

Please get this "Andy Rathbone (2016). Windows 10 For Dummies" book and read it.

How about other operating systems such as Mac OS X, Linux or Unix?

If you have a Mac then you can get this "David Pogue (2015). OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual" book and read it.

If you have a PC with (Ubuntu) Linux or Unix then you can get this "Mark G. Sobell (2015). A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux" book and read it.
After reading these books if you feel that you are interested in this topic and want to know more about it then you can get this "Abraham Silberschatz et al. (2012). Operating System Concepts" and take a quick look at it.

Once you finish reading the books about how to use an operating system, please click Topic 2 - Introduction to Programming to continue.
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